Sixbit hands down Best off cloud software for eBay listing

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Sixbit hands down Best off cloud software for eBay listing
13 Oct 2017
Today I canceled my subscription to SixBit, and I thought I never given a review. So here it goes..

I joined Sixbit back on summer of 2016, when I figured I needed some listing help. At that time I review several listing software, and I decided to use Sixbit because it was just what I was looking for at that time. I was listing directly in eBay and they just “revamped” the listing template and boy, did they annoy me with all that white space and all that clicking of the mouse to get to where you needed to be and the number of trials you needed just to list 1 item, as the interface kept failing.

With Sixbit,
• You have everything in one screen. No tabs, no white areas.
• If you do not need it, you can just put it aside and customize the view to your liking,
• Most importantly, to your own flow of operations.
• Not having to use eBay listing, glitchy, really glitchy, interface, PRICELESS!

At the beginning, I had no idea what a wrap was and how was it different from a template. It took me a while to grasp the concept, but once I did, I was flying listing items. Templates and wraps do save you a lot of time.

• You can upload items using an excel file, or you can create them within Sixbit.
• You can duplicate items quickly.
• You can change all of your items in eBay with one command. When eBay came with the no link policy, I had a link to my own eBay store and that was flagged. I went to the wrapper, remove the link and updated everything at once.

Then, I had a problem with my shoulder and arm and realized that if wanted someone to help me, I needed software that can be on the web. So a virtual assistant could help me. At the same time, crazy November came and I realized how much I needed software to update my inventory from my supplier to the channel. It seemed that I spent most of my time just updating inventory.

I tested the inventory part of Sixbit but it was not what I was looking for. I reviewed several other programs and decided in program X. But the listing part was not that simple. They did not recognize Business Policies, I was losing my pictures already in eBay. I ended up staying with Sixbit for listing, while using the other software for inventory control.

• Sixbit does use and understand eBay’s Business Polices, unlike others.

Sixbit is hands down the best off cloud software for eBay listing

Technical support is sometimes a challenge. They do reply fairly quickly, however, they answer things you are not asking. You have to ask again in different ways. There is a plus here. If you get John Manning to answer your question, He gets what you are asking, the first time. And he answers what you asked! So, I loved it when he was the one answering my questions. I am really thankful for JM.

You need technical support at the beginning, but then, you do not need them anymore. Product is easy to understand and above all, stable.

It works under SQL, and the SQL server, and that is one thing that annoyed me. Even when I was not using Sixbit my resources were taken. And you can hear the fan going on. And I did not like the fan.

I know of sellers with thousands and thousands of listings using Sixbit, and I would have stayed with them, as I love the interface. I needed something web-based.

The fact that Sixbit is not web-based does not take their merit for a great software, a computer based listing software for eBay.
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