Intro to a New Search Engine - Free, engaged, buying users

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Intro to a New Search Engine - Free, engaged, buying users
13 Oct 2017
Hi, I'm Thomas, Head of Retail at Pricesearcher

We are building a consumer-facing vertical search engine that captures all the world's prices. To do this we ensure we are completely free -removing any commercial constraints for retailers.

There is no commission, CPC, PPC, CPA, rev share, etc.

Thousands of retailers are already present on our site:

Over 200 are leading UK retailers, but as we are ad-free we level the playing field so are particularly interested in hearing from sellers with their own sites who would benefit from more engaged buyers for free.

Our tech accepts any feed and format so we are able to index your product feed and include you in our organic search results with little or no effort on your part.

We already plug into most platforms and feed providers. Inclusion on Pricesearcher is as easy as uploading a photo onto Facebook.

We know this sounds too good to be true and we are often asked 'what's the catch?'. But there really isn't one. We are a funded business with rapid growth and when we monetize part of the site in the future, we will do so ensuring our core offer is always free.

We are live in 10 counties: UK, USA, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark.

My background is over six years at Amazon marketplace and a couple of years building one on Tesco direct. I also spent a year in last mile logistics.

I'd love to help retailers and brands of all shapes and sizes gain greater exposure and more sales, especially when they have great products but a limited budget and/or technical expertise.

Any questions please get in touch with me

Or find out more on our site:

You might also be interested in reading some recent press about us in The Independent:

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