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A review of AmazeOwl by Rnesteroff
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Awesome Tool
13 Oct 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
It is very accurate and easy to use. It provides more analytics. The free version is great and preferable to paid services such as Jungle Scout. See my video comparing Jungle Scout and Amaze Owl:

Could anything have been better?
It would be nice to have a web add on like Jungle Scout. Having to open Amaze Owl in a separate window can be a little annoying, but other than that no complaints!

How was the support?
The support was great!

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Re: Awesome Tool
8 Nov 2018
@Rnesteroff hi, I absolutely agree, AmazeOwl is a great product research tool. What I particularly like is that it’s a great tool for both experts and n?w players on th? market, so it's really easy to manage

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