Scope - The Worst of The Worst

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Scope - The Worst of The Worst
15 Oct 2017
If I could press - ( minus) 5 stars review I would. Even 1 star is stretching. This is the worst tool that I have ever used. Accuracy of the tool is below the human intelligence, you would actually need to get an exam of stupidity to make a sense of this tool. The data scraping that this tool does is awful, there is no context of the scaping and looks like someone had 5 minutes time on their hands and put something together to sell.
So here is an example:

We were tracking our product, which has 7 reviews all 5 stars and yet Scope is showing us that we have zero reviews with rating of 4.3 stars, so how can zero reviews be translated in 4.3 stars, only Scope would know that.

Keywords accuracy is a joke, not even one relevant keyword in Scope is in close proximity relevant to our product yet apparently we generate an estimated sale of 29 (sales) for a keyword "perfect vegan bar" while we are selling beauty products.

The only one thing that Scope did get right is category, there estimates are off for about 99% and their inaccuracy rate of results is 100%...

So to conclude if you are looking for keywords research tool stay away from Scope, your money would be better spend on anything else but this awful tool. IMO is not worth 99 cents because the category you can find it yourself.

Their support is non responsive if you have any questions that are not flattering to the tool and their free trial will show you 3 keywords...

So to conclude, if you wanna get your listing suspended, suppressed
and highly irelavant and tanked, then yes you wanna spend +$300 to get a Scope, but if your IQ is above 10 I would stay away from it.

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