Really like it, works for both retail and B2B.

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Really like it, works for both retail and B2B.
18 Oct 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
Great support and lot's of features. Makes retail easy and just starting on the B2B but so far works great for us. We were an online only store but are moving to the B2B part of the business and it is a very simple process to start it up. Our B2B customers have been impressed with the process when placing orders. We deal with lot's of single to three location shops and the purchasing agents comment how easy it is for them.

Could anything have been better?
A few kinks in the design interface but nothing to stop us from liking it overall. We are not tech savvy and we were able to setup the billing and shipping options without too much help but when we needed help they were there.

How was the support?
Support is great. They follow up until the issue is fixed and when you find some bug or feature that does not work correctly they fix it ASAP.
In over a year we were down one time and that was when most of the east coast was down so not really a fault of Zoey.
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