Pretty much just a waste of money...

A review of FeedbackFive by Roadrunner
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Pretty much just a waste of money...
19 Oct 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Basically just send emails after orders. It actually seems to encourage more negative feedback. Sometimes it is just best not to ask

Could anything have been better? Pricing is too high for what this simple application really does. Yes, there are customizations to emails, frequency, and whether to have an email sent if the order wasn't shipped on time, but customers do not want to be inundated with extra email. Also, the percentage of opened emails is low. So even if the emails are sent, they are most likely ending up in a customer's spam folder.

How was the support? Never used the support so I cannot comment on their ability to solve problems. Cancelling your subscription is a pain in the neck though. There is no easy place on their site to do it.
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