Questionnaire regarding Amazon (FBA)

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Questionnaire regarding Amazon (FBA)
23 Oct 2017
My name is Giel Theus (this isn't my personal account but the one from Novadeals). I'm living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands . Currently I'm having an internship at Novadeals, we are a wholesaler in consumer goods (with brands like Philips and Skullcandy). I'm working on an assignment for Novadeals regarding Amazon (FBA) and the possible arrival of Amazon to The Netherlands. We are already selling on Amazon (Europe), but there is plenty of space for improvement, that's why I'm looking into this subject. For this assignment I could use your experiences regarding Amazon (FBA)! I've made a short questionnaire which, if it's okay, I can send to you so you can fill it in. It will help my assignment big time! Thank you in advance and have a good day

Giel Theus
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Re: Questionnaire regarding Amazon (FBA)
23 Oct 2017
Drop me a mail if you want
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Re: Questionnaire regarding Amazon (FBA)
24 Oct 2017

Send me a PM.
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