Amazing Marketplace for Freelance Contractors

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Amazing Marketplace for Freelance Contractors
26 Oct 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
I have loved all my interactions with FreeeUp. Knowing that FreeeUp only takes the best of the best, I can trust them to help me find who I need and quickly.

Could anything have been better?
Nathan, the CEO, is accessible to you directly, which makes you feel valued. Wouldn't change a thing.

How was the support?
The team there that facilitates requests has been super helpful and placed the right person in my reach so I can scale my business.
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Re: Amazing Marketplace for Freelance Contractors
18 Apr 2018
@michael684 Thanks for the amazing review We're always working to be as hands-on as possible so that all freelancers and clients have an amazing experience. Cheers!
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