Great Service for Start Ups

A review of eFulfillment Service by sales939
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Great Service for Start Ups
27 Oct 2017
I read a couple of very negative reviews and I would like to disagree.

We have been using eFulfillment Service for almost 3 years, ever since we started off, and they have been very good and have made life simple for us.

Let me first give the positives:
- Friendly, honest service staff (contrary to the other reviews) who reply promptly. You need to email them, they have a Zen Desk process so all emails get replied to in a timely manner.
- Their IT team integrate with pretty much every shopping cart. This is not common. If you have a shopping cart, and they don't have an integration yet, they will set it you for you.
- Their web based dashboard is very well designed and easy to use.
- Their order process works very well, you can tell they understand the details of the distribution business. Notifications go out to customers when an order ships with a tracking number, returns are managed correctly, damages are dealt with. You can re-ship orders easily when an order gets lost without having to fill in a new form manually.
- I have not had a significant problem of shrinkages. We have over 35,000 units in stock and damages/losses are under a dozen/month. Totally normal.
- They wrap items very well indeed. We have purple shampoos which have a tendency to leak, items from China in fragile plastic bags, and items in tubes which are easily damaged. They bubble wrap and put in dividers into cartons and items arrive in very good condition.
- Amazon orders get shipped in priority and we have had zero problems with Amazon service levels as a merchant. They even qualified us for seller prime.

- Our own website sales are de-prioritized and ship out the next day. This is very slow in this day and age.
- Because they are based in Upper Michigan, an order off our website to California (taking into account the next day shipping issue above) can take up to 8 days. This is not good!
- Zero discount on shipping as volumes grow.
- It is true that dock to stock time is variable and it can be frustrating not knowing when your stock will hit inventory. They have got better recently, but on average they take around 1 week to turn around. We import our stock in from Europe, so we keep buffer inventory of up to 3 months, so a 1 week turnaround is not a big deal for us. Worse than the time is that we just don't know if the truck has actually made it. There is no automated ticket issued when the stock arrives and is sitting around waiting to be de-palletized and received into inventory. So until the stock has been added into inventory, you literally don't know what has happened to it, unless you call up the trucking company and ask for details of the delivery.
- A few picking errors from time to time, and in 3 years around 3 times when there was a major breakdown. In each case this was an IT issue.

My conclusion: In spite of the negatives, an excellent service for start ups.

But you will need to look elsewhere once your volumes reach around 1000 orders/month and especially if you sell a lot off your own site.

Also if you want to give your customer an average level of shipping to the West Coast, you will need to make alternative arrangements.

We are currently looking for other service providers, as our orders have reached 1000 orders/month and we need to improve service times to stay ahead of the game.

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