Really works well

A review of Feedback Express by Scarlett DelaCroix
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Scarlett DelaCroix
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Really works well
27 Oct 2017
I find that people are more likely to leave feedback if they have something bad to say, everyone likes to moan but not many think to praise.

Your feedback prompts are great and we`ve had some of the free trial and it`s proven it works, so the price is really reasonable to sign up and stay with the programme.

If a company is good enough to offer a trial and give you support the least you can do is support them back. I would recommend them for all people selling on all platforms, it's been great for us
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Re: Really works well
27 Oct 2017
@Scarlett DelaCroix

Thanks for the kind words.

It's always nice to hear from happy customers.

Have a great weekend.

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