I get to focus on my art

A review of FreeeUp by betthejockey
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I get to focus on my art
29 Oct 2017
Have you read the book Rocket Fuel? Here are my entrepreneurial scoring results...I am 96% Visionary and have an extremely low score on the integrator role. So what do that mean and what does it have to do with FreeUp?

Being a visionary has these characteristics: I am a daydreamer, I am great at creating ideas and thinking big, I am great with people and sales are exciting for me, among other skills revolving around people, sales, marketing, and strategy....

...among my weakest traits revolve around tasks, processes, maintenance, and technology.

Well, I have the desire to invest in, build, and grow digital businesses and you guessed it... that all requires tasks, processes, maintenance, technology and other things that really circle around my weaknesses.

When I first started building digital businesses, I tried to overcome my weaknesses and worked from sunrise to sunset (while feeding babies and working crappy jobs in between). Then I got FreeeUp'd

I started connecting with other entrepreneurs and made some great friends who have taught me about working with freelancers and contractors to help me build my dream businesses. Now I have teams of people who help me do the things that I really am weak in, that I hate doing, and that drain the life out of me.

Now I get to focus more on my strengths and the things that give me life (and make me the most money).

Freeeup is a great marketplace that brings great talent for the kind of work you need and takes care of all the details of the invoicing, interviews, and other admin stuff that would drive me nuts anyways.

Now I get to focus on my art.
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Re: I get to focus on my art
18 Apr 2018
@betthejockey Hey Josh, thanks for the 5 star review. We love hearing stories of business owners that get time back in their day to focus on what they love doing most. Keep it up!
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