Packing Partner for Ebay, Amazon, Playtrade & Many More

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Packing Partner for Ebay, Amazon, Playtrade & Many More
5 Jun 2008
Hi we have recently launched in association with Packing Partner This is essentially a tool for online sellers trading on one or more online channels, eg ebay, Amazon etc. The software allows you to produce one standard invoice which works across all channels in combination with integrated label paper.

Packing Partner imports the sales data with just one click from each site, correctly formats and tidies the address, before outputting each order in bulk onto the integrated label paper with just one click to print.

It is extemely simple to use and is proven to save your business significant time.

One of our happy customers kindly wrote:

Having a free trial and then purchasing this software is one of the best pieces of work I achieved last year, it saves us at least 1 hour a day and cuts down the human error factor of indiviual print-offs. They even sell the paper with the labels on, just print, peel and send!

Paul K - Virtual Games (Amazon & PlayTrade Seller) March 08

For more information Free 7 Day Trial Available

Demo Video also available here:

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