Challenging Implementation, Holiday season will be the test!

A review of SellerCloud by qp1980
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Challenging Implementation, Holiday season will be the test!
30 Oct 2017
If you are evaluating to get this software now, do not. You will not be ready for the upcoming craziness of the holidays. This is the project to start for 2018. I signed my contract on 8/28/2017 and as you will read, I am still not completely set up.

You are assigned an “Account Manager” (AM). After the first 3 weeks, I concluded that he was there to upsell me “custom plug-ins”. AM first answer to anything was and is still No. The second answer is No. The 3rd time, you need a “custom plug in” made ($$). This makes for an ongoing battle, for custom plug-ins, and creates needless stress and aggravation.

AM has to enable some fields. He would say, go here and there and do x. I follow that and I cannot see what he is talking about. Response: oh, I have to enable the field. That circle repeated many times.

AM made a lot of mistakes during “mapping” and set up. Please, do not assume that what they set up will be working correctly. Are the quantities updating correctly to the marketplace, to the correct warehouse? Are prices correct? Sometimes you correct something and is over-written by an automatic process later on. You must check several times. You have to find the mistakes and fix them.

Technical support: Their tickets take time to resolve. Few examples:

I had a file that needed to come from a Dropbox. Sales team said no problem. It took 6 weeks to resolve, because they had to “reset the server”.

I had a problem where eBay quantities were not synching because the Custom Label in the file they got from eBay, was not the Custom Label you see in eBay site. It is eBay’s problem. You need to talk to eBay. eBay said, if the software is not getting what they need from us, they need to open a ticket. They are a software company that claims to be about the connection to the marketplace. That connection is not working properly they will send you to talk the marketplace. I spent hours on the phone with eBay. No solution from SC.

Something similar is happening with Bonanza. I was first sent to talk to Bonanza. 13 days, no solution from SC.

I am yet to send orders automatically to the supplier. My SKU and shipping method are not loaded to the ftp file. Almost 2 months.


Inventory Updates: Once all the mess from incorrect mapping was cleared. They do work, and save you time.

Orders: Working correctly, downloading to SC and tracking uploading to marketplace

Kits: Finally, a week ago, I created the first kit. Click here add 2 of these, 3 of these, 1 of this. Create a kit. Ah! That is what I was looking for. The system will calculate the weight, the cost, and how many bundles you actually have based on the inventory level of the components. PRICELESS! You can create a “description template” for kits. In that you can tell which one is the main component, that will go first, and then the other components, are added to the description automatically. This is pretty cool. Then, when you see that kit order in the system and how it calls the different components underneath, such a beauty.
I was able to set up my virtual assistant for listing with no problems.

Marketplaces: I was able to upload several hundreds of listings to Walmart and Amazon. I used the market’s website to do so. SC, linked, not without problems, but linked. I already got my first orders in both markets. I cannot wait to see Bonanza working.

It has been such a challenging implementation. I think the AM can make this a good or bad experience. Is because of the AC I am giving the software only 3 stars. SellerCloud is not for the faint of heart and you need someone to be on your side.

The system will be put to the test through the holiday season. I will update in 2018.
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