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Cindy Lee
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sell on Walmart
1 Nov 2017
I want to open an online shop in US Walmart online shop, but I don't know how to do it? What materials shall I prepare? What qualification shall I meet? If possible, would you please tell me the details?

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Re: sell on Walmart
1 Nov 2017
@Cindy Lee
You need to be invited to sell on WallMart.
What kind of products are you selling ?
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Olha An
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Re: sell on Walmart
26 Jul 2019
Hello, @Cindy Lee

Walmart may be a little tricky for newbie sellers. If you want to sell there, you need to meet certain requirements. You can check out this article How to Sell on Walmart: In-Depth Guide to Conquering the Marketplace in 2019 that will guide you through the main steps of signing up with the marketplace.

You will also find some hot tips that will help you prosper there )