Simple financial reporting for auctions, including all fees?

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Simple financial reporting for auctions, including all fees?
6 Jun 2008
I'm a newcomer to this forum, and after browsing around for a bit I decided to register and post a question since I had not come across anything yet quite like what I need.

I'm a sales rep for a retail office supply chain in BC, Canada. I've recently started selling products on ebay, and I'm getting bogged down tracking all the sales data and integrating it with our in-house inventory & ordering software. What I need is an automatic calculation & reporting of the final selling price, which needs to be manually entered into our ordering & inventory system.

Is there a software solution that can pull in data from both ebay and paypal, and generate a sales report with the auction data (item title, auction number, buyer's shipping information), plus a sum total of all of the auction fees and the paypal fee, and any applicable taxes, to provide the net total sale price?

Thanks in advance for your time and info!

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Re: Simple financial reporting for auctions, including all f
10 Jun 2008
Hi Steve ,

Take a look at Accounting tools and Sales Analysis to extract data from eBay and PayPal.

As you need to integrate with your in-house inventory and ordering software, it might be a good idea to get something custom-developed so you don't have to do the manual data-entry, which is laborious as well as being a potential source of errors from typos etc.

You could contact your inventory/ordering system vendor for help, perhaps working with an eBay-specialist - here are some experienced eBay developers you could look into.

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