Do any humans work at inkfrog?

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Do any humans work at inkfrog?
1 Nov 2017
I first want to say the only reason why I still use this awful site for my listings is that I have over 5000 auctions in Classic. I have been slowly revising those auctions into the Open format and don't want to lose all my previous years and years of work.

But, I can't even begin to describe how utterly worthless inkFrog help has been as I have wrangled through this process. The latest problem as been a notification from eBay that 605 of my 650 current listings on eBay are insecure based on Chrome HTTPS standards. Now keep in mind that I have been working to convert all of my active listings over to the latest Open format. There's no way in the world that 605 active listings could have HTTP instead of HTTPS standards. Isn't that part of what Open was supposed to rectify or is this yet another thing I will need to spend countless hours working on (instead of actually SELLING things)?

Multiple contacts with Inkfrog customer service has led to nothing. They are of no help whatsoever and just seem to want to provide obstacles rather then assistance. This is common. Over the many years I've been a customer I have never gotten the help I needed. I've always been forced to resolve whatever issue I was dealing with on my own. Frankly, it's ridiculous.

So, I've been looking at a sizeable number of my listings through Open and the majority appear to be fine. HTTPS seems to be present in the majority of the listings. The few that don't have HTTPS I have been able to resolve. Again, through NO HELP FROM INKFROG WHATSOEVER.

I still don't have an answer as to why eBay told me that 605 of my active listings are insecure when I've only found about a dozen with HTTP so far. I'm waiting for a callback from their tech department. I'm not holding my breath.

In the end, all I can say is if I ran my business the way Inkfrog runs its business, I'd be out of business. I'm a top rated seller on eBay and have been selling on that site for almost 19 years. Between eBay jerking sellers around and companies like Inkfrog providing NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL, it just seems to be getting harder and harder to remain productive.

On top of all the nonsense, Inkfrog is telling me I need to revoke my Classic token but if I did that I would lose 1000's of auctions. Inkfrog says that removal of the token would make the 1000's of auctions I took great pains to create would be permanently erased. I've been on InkFrog long enough to remember when they wiped out auctions I created when the forced us to use Classic years ago. In the words of Frank Zappa, "The torture never stops."

In case you haven't gotten the drift yet.....

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Re: Do any humans work at inkfrog?
13 Nov 2017

I should mentioned that I just learned the hard way, through a lost sale, that the eBay App, Android phones and inkFrog are not compatible. Use an Android phone with the eBay app and the listing is unreadable. The photos are pushed off the page and the description looks like, in the words of my lost customer, a long 'stringy white"thing!

I just wonder how much money Inkfrog has cost me with their inability to make their wonderful product compatible with millions and millions of Android users.
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