Automatic sale pricing software

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Automatic sale pricing software
5 Nov 2017

We sell on Amazon primarily as FBA.

We are looking for a tool that will automatically engages sales price rules dependent on how long inventory has been in FBA.

For example - any inventory which is over 90 days is placed on sale at 5% off. Over 120 is reduced to 15% off and so on.

Any leads?


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Re: Automatic sale pricing software
7 Nov 2017
Hi Steven

Have a look at RepricerExpress which we use for Amazon. It now has a facility called 'Automations' where you can basically set it up where old stock or stock coming up for long term storage fees can be moved to a new repricing rule where you can offer a better price. You can set up your own rules based on age (30 days, 60, 90 or whatever you want) and set up the discount / prices you want to offer.

The software is easy to set up, competitive price wise, and support has been great for us when needed.
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