Plenty of others on the market...

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Plenty of others on the market...
11 Nov 2017
It's always difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff when it comes to online software. I signed up to Sku Grid at a time when it was having endless problems. Whilst the software may be one of the cheapest on the markets the amount it cost me due to errors meant that I unfortunately lost more money than I made. I'd strongly spend a little extra and go for something along the lines of Profit Scraper or PriceMatik - Both seem to be very reliable. I've spent some time reviewing both here: Hope this is useful and may save you a few mistakes (and pennies) on your journey to setting up a drop shipping business.
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Re: Plenty of others on the market...
26 Feb 2018

Hello Ben! Thank you for review of Sku Grid! Yes, we saw your blog and agree with you in plenty aspects. Any IT project is constantly in development. That's why, during this time we made a global leap forward, as well as on the technical and on social side. Please contact us and we will give you free access to Sku Grid, so that you can appreciate the obvious positive changes (like more than 500+ stores) and unique features (like OOS set individually for any store/supplier).We are very sorry that you received negative experience from using of Sku Grid in past. But by today we have tried to make Sku Grid better than everything on the market.
Thank you!
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