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Surprisingly Good Results...

A review of RepricerExpress by cameron wallace
United States United States
cameron wallace
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Joined: Nov 13, 2017
Surprisingly Good Results...
13 Nov 2017
My Amazon sales had been lagging for some time, so when I saw RepricerExpress's offer of free trial, I signed up...mostly because I felt whether it helped or not, it was worth a try, given the way sales had been.

I was more than surprised, let's say giddy, when I sold several books within the first 2 hours of the new service. Since then, my sales have easily been twice what they were before.

In addition, the support staff is without peer. Always ready and anxious to go to any length to provide answers that you need.

This is an un-solicited review. There are so few truly aggressively competent companies out there, that they deserve it.
Worldwide United Kingdom
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Joined: Jul 24, 2013
Re: Surprisingly Good Results...
16 Nov 2017
Hi Cameron

Glad to see our software is working for you. The 15-day free trial is a great way to try out our software.

Sales have doubled. That's amazing, well done!

Have a great holiday season.


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