After 18 years.. it is time to rid myself of Inkfrog

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After 18 years.. it is time to rid myself of Inkfrog
13 Nov 2017
I have been with inkFrog since the beginning. You would think that after being in the business as long as they have, they would have a top of the line site to list on eBay. However, it is the complete opposite. The straw that broke the camel's back was this BS ebay implemented that does not allow active content in the listings.

I started using a new template with Inkfrog that said it does not have active content in it. However, ebay has informed me it does.

Inkfrog says they have a tool that will get rid of the active content, because in reality, who has time to revise over 1,000 listings? I used it. IT DID NOT WORK!

Also, why do they continue to have a scrolling page to list? Shouldn't everything be on one page without the need to scroll.

God forbid if you have an issue. You can explain to them step by step on what is happening and they will reply asking for steps. Seriously??

The have inkfrog classic and the new version. The new version is just as bad and clunky as the old version. I am grandfathered in at the low price but would gladly pay more for a speedy and efficient way to list. They still don't have it even with their new roll out.
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