How to Reduce Fraud

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How to Reduce Fraud
14 Nov 2017
Hey guys,

I know many of you are tired of dealing with chargebacks and other sorts of fraud. We have created the perfect software for proactively dealing with fraud (uses machine learning to compute a real-time score which you can incorporate in your business logic). Feel free to check us out now at or

Here is how it works (Three pronged approach)

The first is ip lookup/filtering, which filters any proxies/vpns/vps’s etc. but more importantly cross references the users ip with a large blacklist database(updated hourly). We also scour the darkest corners of the internet to get updated lists of sock5s/proxies that fraudsters use.You can also tweak this so you don’t completely block out legitimate users which are interested in your business.

The second is email verification which 1. makes sure the email they used can receive emails and 2. cross references it with a disposable email database. You can tweak this to only allow the most common email providers or allow more obsecure ones.

The third and most important filter is device fingerprinting. They sample hundreds of different factors to determine if the user is legitimate ( all in realtime). This is done with machine learning, from here IPQ computes a score which indicates how likely a user is fraudulent. You can incorporate this score into your business logic, which allows you to choose how you would like to proceed.

IPQS has support for custom weights as we know all businesses have different needs so you can fully customize/tweak IPQS to your needs.

Feel free to sign-up today and get 5,000 free monthly lookups (perfect if you are starting off on Shopify).

Here is a quick tour -

If you guys have any questions feel free to respond and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

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