Which listing software should I use

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Which listing software should I use
19 Jun 2008
I have been operating a business on eBay using Selling Manager Pro for 2 1/2 years now and require a system that will create listing templates and upload to the inventory in bulk, automate them to active listings and edit both the inventory templates and active listings. I would like something that is not complicated with additional functions, just something that will manage listings in bulk as opposed to using SMP where most of the information has to be handled by downloading/uploading a huge number of individual pages.

I have looked at several options and am confused with the large number of different ones and the difference in the cost. I do not mind paying a fee but I cannot justify the cost of some of them at the top end.

Can you help please?

I also have an online shop ukclassicparts.com
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Re: Which listing software should I use
1 Jul 2008
Hi ekimjudy, thanks for posting.

I think a desktop-based lister might suit you, concentrating on listing functions to keep things simple and not web based to keep the downloading/uploading to a minimum.

The quickest learning curve might be with eBay's software, so eBay Blackthorne or Turbo Lister; or third-party tools like SpoonFeeder or The Poster Toaster.

There are fuller-featured (and more expensive!) solutions out there that you will benefit from if you also have bottlenecks in your business at the post-sale end. These will also handle inventory and listing in a more sophisticated way.
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Re: Which listing software should I use
1 Jul 2008
I feel that you get what you pay for. If you want a tool with less service, you'll pay less. If you want to be able to pick up a phone and talk to someone, you won't find that with a free service.

I use AuctionSound for my consignment side of the business and the bulk inventory that I purchase from various warehouses. It's online so I can check on the progress of things when I'm away from my personal computer. I even check it from my cell phone to see if there's things I need to ship.

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