Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?

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Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?
14 Nov 2017
I'm actively helping business' sell on multi-channel.

I'm keen to get everyone's thoughts on what software they feel is the best. In order to provide the best scenario: Let's say I own a business selling on Magento 2.0, eBay (globally) & Amazon (globally).

The picking, packing and shipping process is key.

Any opinions are appreciated!


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Re: Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?
15 Nov 2017

It is hard to say what is best, as most multi channel sellers are still with their original software provider, or have changed to a different one only due to horrendous problems with the original company. Limited usage / experience therefore makes it hard to quantify 'what's the best'.

Out of around 50 companies that I currently deal with, all but 6 use Linnworks for multi channel software, and only 10 use any version of Magento.

No matter what channels you sell on though, the picking, packing and shipping process should be the same. After all does the person despatching the orders need to know from what platform the order came from ?

From my personal experience, Linnworks takes some beating when it comes to order despatch. Orders can be sorted into folders based on many factors including SKU, destination, item location etc to speed up the despatch process. Pick lists can be formatted in a variety of ways to optimise the picking process. Despatch / shipping is straight forward with direct integrations with the major shipping providers. Emails to customers regarding despatch (when required) can be easily customised to native language / channel etc.

You also have to consider best value. Many of my clients fall into the 'low margin / high volume' category with turnovers from £1M pa to £6m pa. Linnworks prices £200 / £250 per month. Competitors (such as Veeqo) £675 / £975 per month, Channel Advisor, pass the smelling salts !!!. Just something else that every online seller has to consider.

Having had demos / sales speak from around half a dozen software providers, Linnworks is still my software of choice.
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Re: Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?
16 Nov 2017
@Mike-Ecom I am doing exactly what you are trying to Achieve and I love my solution.
Zenstores, imports all orders from Amazon and eBay and other platforms too. I have a few taylor made filters which I select to then print off my Despatch Labels in bulk. I have 1 filter for example which is all orders over £XX which will print off the APC Label and email the customer with the tracking number and if they have entered a mobile phone number on ebay or amazon it will keep them updated on the tracking.

It prints off Royal Mails 2D Barcodes or just PPI label, it prints off Special Delivery and International Signed for, it works with APC, Yodel, DPD, Myhermes and more.

When the customer is on the phone you can search for them by loads of ways including Postcode, Name, Order Number etc.

You can also Print a VAT Invoice or non Vat if you need.

Its a great tool for providing the most efficent service to the customer and freeing up your own time to make more £££.

On top of all this, a quick email to zenstores support gets a VERY quick reply. Harry in the support team has answered every single question of mine on the same day.

Zenstores in the one for me.

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Re: Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?
16 Nov 2017
A post has been deleted because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.

No more posts from suppliers please unless the original poster specifically says that they wants their input. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.
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Re: Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?
18 Nov 2017

So did the deleted poster try to sell multi channel software to the OP ? Obviously did not do their homework !!
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Re: Multi-Channel Software - what's the best and why?
12 Dec 2017
Hi Mike-eCom,

I don't think that you can say that one particular software will be the best for everyone because there are so many factors involved. We work with several thousand sellers and they all have different needs, we have a company shipping 1000+ orders a day using a mail merge solution, sounds crazy but they love it because their staff understand it and it works for them it lacks bells and whistles but they don't need them. Other customers require a fully functional software system that can totally control their order processing management.

Kind regards,

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