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A review of JPEGbay by nigel.dicks
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Excellent Support Staff
16 Nov 2017
I am a big seller on eBay and Amazon and have been using JPEGbay for years with nothing but praise for the ease of use of the website in general but more importantly the Support Staff. Yesterday I asked if something could be made better and today it was changed. Nothing seems to be too much for these guys. If you are reading this and are wondering if JPEGbay is better than the others, let me tell you. If I take a load of photos on my Iphone and then open JPEGbay on my phone, I can press Add Photos and then select the photos in Bulk which I have just taken, JPEGbay then uploads them so I can then pop onto my Laptop when ready and use the Links to add into the relevant listings. No downloading the photos from a memory card or waiting, all my galleries are organised online forever when I ever need them. Thanks Guys. Nigel.
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Re: Excellent Support Staff
23 Nov 2017
@nigel.dicks I'm just starting out on JPEGbay however I'm having difficulty uploading a selection of photos and moving them to new folders to get them organised - do you know if there is any way to do that?
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