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Real Estate Auction Software
19 Jun 2008
Interested in finding a real estate auction software provider that can integrate a real time bidding software solution into an existing website. We run live onsite auctions and want to supplement that business with real time remote bids. This system would need to be able to register bidder weeks in advance and be able to automatically notify them 1 hour before auction time. It would also need to be set up to accept bidder deposits and the whole thing.

Any ideas?
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Re: Real Estate Auction Software
1 Jul 2008
Hi grant,

The core topic of this site is selling on eBay and other online marketplaces, but I will try to give you some help with your question.

One service I am aware of is Bidspotter. I have seen this in action, and the set-up was a member of the auctioneer's staff with a laptop sitting at the front of the auction room and placing bids on behalf of Internet bidders - so it was real live bidding via the Internet.

There was just a little confusion at times when Internet bidders were bidding against each other, or bidding out of turn when the action was still in the room, but on the whole the system seemed to work well. The operator in the room had a tough job though, spending hours on the laptop and having to stay alert the whole time.

There seem to be some similar services out there, for example Proxibid and Live Auctioneers, which uses eBay Live Auctions.

Hope that helps!
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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