Appeagle price jump from $25 legacy plan to $300?

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Appeagle price jump from $25 legacy plan to $300?
21 Nov 2017
I have been using Appeagle for 3 plus years, it isn't perfect, but I just didn't want to take the time to figure out another one. I made notes on a few others I saw people post about to check out more in depth when I have time. Fred has been helpful the couple of times I really was just frustrated with the application.

However, my CC was cancelled due to some fraudulent charges , and so the auto payment came due just a day after that happened. I had a new card issued within a couple of days and went into the app immediately as I did with all my other auto charges, to put the new number in, and saw that they had suspended my account two days prior. They suspended on a Thursday, I emailed them on Saturday when I noticed this, as I didn't put my new card # in, since it wouldn't allow me to keep the same legacy plan I have had for 3 years at $25 a month. Instead, my plan would be $300!! WTH? I emailed Saturday , and then again Tuesday after not hearing back from them. They reply back I had only 3 days to respond. No more legacy plan for me. REALLY Appeagle?
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