Any new software to list to eBay & Zen cart stores?

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Any new software to list to eBay & Zen cart stores?
2 Jul 2008
Hi everyone,
As anyone that frequents theses boards might know, I check in periodically to see if the "perfect" service/software offered for the "perfect" price has been released yet .
I have tried way too many to mention, but needs change while fees seem like they never do unless its in a upward motion.
Are there any new releases around that allow you to keep track of your inventory and list to eBay as well as your own e-commerce stores? (I have a oscommerce AND a zen cart store)? I'm currently using eBay's Selling Manager Pro because I was able to get in on it when it was offered for free with a Store, now I think they only offer Selling Manager (not Pro) for free, but while I love it! I do miss being able to schedule listings ahead of time without the added eBay fee which most services offered in the past...and probably still do. What I'm looking for now is to be able to list to both of my ebay accounts (2 stores & auctions) but also be able to take that same item and list to my own website after the auction or store item closes without having to create the item again for the store....AND.....the inventory will show from ONE service/software for all. So for example, I list a book to my NothingButRomance eBay store for 30 days, it doesn't sell, so I can go into the service/software after the store listing closes and send it to my NothingButRomance osc store. All the while it keeps track of the inventory and where it is listed.
Asking too much?
Probably, and if it does exist , its probably too much money for me at this point, but thought I'd check in to see anyways...I know new things are being released all the time so someday *sigh*.. I will find my PERFECT service/software
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Re: Any new software to list to eBay & Zen cart stores?
3 Jul 2008
Hi Lalla

Did you look at Auction Lister Pro? (or AuctionBlox or Auction For Store)
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