It's been all downhill for Auctiva in 2017

A review of Auctiva by Warranty
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It's been all downhill for Auctiva in 2017
22 Nov 2017
I've been with Auctiva since it's inception many years ago but it's inability to maintain compliance with eBay standards is inexcusable. The customer service system is seriously underwhelming. You must submit your problem online and wait. . . and wait. . . and wait for a response. Even when you receive a response via email, chances are almost 100% that your problem will not be resolved. You will simply be advised that they are 'aware' of your problem. It may take days or weeks to be provided a resolution to the problem or it may never be addressed. You may even be asked to submit the issue to the Auctiva 'community' for a vote to see if it will be addressed. They've had months of notice regarding the ebay non active content changes and yet none of the templates I've tried are ready for prime time. There are issues ranging from active content, to formatting images, etc. They didn't even bother revising the existing templates that users were utilizing to be compliant with the new ebay policy and none of the new templates work properly. I've spent over 100 man hours trying to resolve the issues and even had to employ a programmer to get my listings to post using the new templates. Even now, Auctiva can't tell users when the issues with the new templates will be resolved. The customer service rivals Comcast for bottom of the barrel. I'm moving on to another platform.
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Re: It's been all downhill for Auctiva in 2017
9 Feb 2018
agreed on all counts. and this bogus 'active content' thing... can't even copy/paste plain text information without the listing locking up with that b/s warning. I will likely cancel with them today- it's not even worth the $10/mo. any more
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