I would definitely recommend Sellbrite

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I would definitely recommend Sellbrite
22 Nov 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

We have been with Sellbrite for several years and have so far had a great experience. We were looking for a platform to manage our inventory and the channels each item is listed on and Sellbrite met our needs. As Sellbrite has grown, they have made changes to the site that only benefit the customer and have made listing our items and managing those sales very easy. One aspect that I sincerely appreciate it their technical support. It is extremely easy to reach out and get help with any issues you run into.

We are an online estate jewelry store and have over 20 thousand items. Because it's estate jewelry, almost all of our pieces are different from one another so having a solid management system is vital for our business. Sellbrite has made it so much easier for us compared to listing on individual sites.


Could anything have been better?

At times the site has been slow but the corrections they made over the summer helped with that. Once again, if any concerns come up I know I could get a hold of someone and discuss the problem and find a solution.

How was the support?

Top notch
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