Does price competition mean lower prices than you can afford

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Does price competition mean lower prices than you can afford
27 Nov 2017
Simple answer: Not necessarily. Competition on Amazon does not have to mean that you sell at the lowest price. As an Amazon seller who has a good track record you probably want the advantage of being able to sell at a higher price. There are ways to hone in to the right competition. At AlphaRepricer we offer many ways to fine tune your competing strategy.

Buy Box - First off you can compete exclusively with the Buy Box. Obviously the Buy Box is the one button buyers click on the most. It’s almost an automatic reaction for some buyers to click the ‘Add to cart’ on the item page. Competing with Buy Box can land you in the ‘Buy Box’. Hey! What could be better?

FBA sellers - Some buyers seem to trust the FBA sellers more than other sellers. You can compete exclusively with FBA sellers. You do not have to be an FBA seller yourself to pick this option.

Compete with the better sellers – We all know that the buyer likes an established seller as opposed to a just launched seller, then price becomes a secondary thing. So you can choose to compete with sellers that are at the same level as you. Select sellers that have a certain number of feedbacks or rankings.

Compete with condition - Perhaps you have new items and do not want to include the used item prices. Buyers are willing to pay higher price for newer items so why bring down your price by competing with even the used category of ‘Like new’ items. On the other hand, if you have used items, you can focus on items of any ‘used’ category, i.e. Good, Fair, etc.

Compete with location – Many buyers are very particular about where there purchase is coming from and thus willing to pay more for location of their choice. Perhaps they want something closer to home. Or they want to not buy items from some place in particular. You can choose to include or exclude sellers from specific locations.

At AlphaRepricer there are many more options for precision repricing. AlphaRepricer helps you strategize your repricing to get the best price and not just offer the lowest price. Now we are offering the new option to ‘Match competition’. This feature helps you keep your prices from spiraling down in a frenzy of competition.

You can sign up with AlphaRepricer for a free 30-day trial to get a closer look at how we help you to automate and strategize your repricing without taking a chunk out of your revenues.

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