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WOW Lister
27 Nov 2017
I joined Wow Lister and tried to take a listing from Amazon and I checked the agreement box and okayed it with Ebay but got a message "status pending". I then emailed them concerning this issue but have not received any message back and still no luck listing my item. Thank You.

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Re: WOW Lister
28 Nov 2017

Hi Janet,
Actually we did reply to your email, but it sounds like our response didn't get to you for some reason . Sorry about that! I've bumped the thread but here was our response just in case:

This happens sometimes when listing for the first time. This listing won't get posted. The internet browser you are using may have an impact on this, we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome and trying to list again. We are looking into the bug and hope to have it fixed soon, but rest assured it should not affect your future listings.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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