How often are companies checked?

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How often are companies checked?
11 Jul 2008
Andy, how often do you check the companies you list to verify they are still in business/alive? I have emailed Auction For Store for a couple of days with questions and get no response (which is scary in of itself)

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Re: How often are companies checked?
11 Jul 2008
Hi MaryMary,

I have moved your question to a new topic, as it didn't really fit with the topic you replied to. I hope that's OK.

You have asked a good question! The web can make it very difficult to tell if a business is still active.

Due to the volume of listings on the site we have a process which automatically checks every linked web page for every product once per week. From the results of that process we:

  • Manually check links that are continuously broken for a month or more, if the product has disappeared we remove it.
  • Manually review products that have no evidence of having been updated for one year. If we can't detect any recent sign of life we mark it as a Supplementary Result and send the company an email, giving them the opportunity to tell us that it is still active.

  • I also manually update products with information that I come across or am directed to.

    It's our policy not to remove products that still have live web pages. The reason for that is if the product can still be found on the web, it's helpful to have it listed here so it can be researched - if only to show that we have classified it as a Supplementary Result and that it may no longer be supported.

    In the case of Auction For Store it recently came onto our list of potential Supplementary Results because the last sign of life was 20 June 2007. It has now been classified as Supplementary so will drop to the bottom of listings, and I will also know not to suggest it in forum replies!

    By the way, Auction For Store has a couple of direct equivalents which you could look at: Auction Lister Pro (free) and AuctionBlox.

    We are always looking at ways to improve the quality of the directory, so will gladly receive any comments or suggestions you have .
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