Logiwa Integrates Shipments through Easypost

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Logiwa Integrates Shipments through Easypost
28 Nov 2017

In order to provide a seamless shipment process for our customers, Logiwa is proud to announce that we are now connected to Easypost! Easypost is a great tool that helps online retailers with their shipments. Their flexible API that makes it easy to add shipping and tracking to your online store. It gives access to many shipment carriers such as UPS, USPS, Fedex and many more. Although Logiwa Inventory Management Software already offers integrations with each of the shipment carriers and rate shopping, it now also offers an alternative solution to connect to all shipment carriers with Easypost.

With this new Easypost integration, Logiwa automatically synchronizes orders and shipments with Easypost. Logiwa clients have more flexibility to manage orders and shipments across the multi-channel marketplaces and shipment carriers. The new integration allows our customers to:

Capture orders from your connected sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart
Push orders from Logiwa to Easypost
Process orders within Easypost
Pull tracking number and shipment information from Easypost into Logiwa
Update shipment information within your sales channels

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