Auction Management - Infopia, Channel Advisor, Kyozou?

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Auction Management - Infopia, Channel Advisor, Kyozou?
14 Jul 2008
I currently use eBay Selling Manager Pro and have totally outgrown it! I sell about $60,000 a month between multiple ebay accounts and look to keep growing and to go onto other markets(such as Amazon..etc). Most of my business is currently buy it now(store inventory) and with over 2000 items Selling Manager Pro makes it a difficult to better manage my inventory.

I have done some research with Infopia, Channel Advisor, and Kyozou and still have not decided.

Does anyone have any opinions? Kyozou is definitely the cheapest of the 3, but along with that I ask myself about the software. Does it crash often, is the checkout system a pain, does it integrate as well with search engines and other platforms, is it more difficult to use, etc..

Channel Advisor is definitely the most expensive and again, I ask myself is it that much better than Infopia? I am currently stuck making a decision, because I know that I will be married to this company and just want to make sure I made the right decision.


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