We doubled online sales within 30 days of installing Zentail

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We doubled online sales within 30 days of installing Zentail
3 Dec 2017
Zentail allows my clients, with the click of a few buttons, to post their products across many different eCommerce channels. What previously would take hours now has been shortened down to minutes. The best part is when a client recently installed the Zentail software, they saw their online sales double in 30 days. I am very impressed not only with the ease of use but the ease of getting up and running. The staff is awesome to work with. With a couple of conference webinars, we were fully installed across multiple sales channels. I did my research and found several options in the multi-channel market but kept coming back to Zentail. I am glad I did because it could not have worked out better.

There aren't any cons about Zentail itself but just from the perspective of going from posting in each individual channel one at a time and monitoring your inventory one product and one channel at a time, going to a multi-channel solution will take some forethought and effort to get all your products that are posted across various channels posted into one location, Zentail. Each channel has its own way of doing things, so you have to be prepared to walk through making things uniform. Fortunately, the Zentail software is friendly to this and the on-boarding team is amazing at walking you through the steps.

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