UPS a company that dosen't!

A review of UPS Mail Innovations by Bigdeebird
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UPS a company that dosen't!
11 Dec 2017
Frank Dee

I had had nothing but issues with UPS, right about the time of black Friday ups decided to turn one warehouse (Cranbury hub) into a main facility taking the place of three hubs. Each year the news has broadcasted the growing online shopping trends, graphs have shown how large that shopping time has become between black Friday and cyber Monday, even with years of this information, they were nowhere prepared for what was about to come their way in 11/2017, here is a short list of my personal dealing with UPS. I have to say that Dealing with Kimmy in their Atlanta office was the only Halo in this mess, truly a good woman stuck with many unhappy customers. The manager of that Cranbury hub said there were 20 drivers helpers short-whose fault is that? Dan the manager was called a real J-rk, by an out of state driver, and while I waited for a call that didn't come from James Bello as he procured my items, I called him to find that they were sitting in his office all that day, only to get back to that hub and find them damaged and unusable. After seeing that the issues have not changed in weeks, I decided to be a part of public outrage, this has cost me time, money, and deaf ear' and lip service, I had spent a total of three hours in the Cranbury hub, seeing many people enjoying pizza, but not a single package being moved. As of today I have still not received the 34"inch monitor (listed below, last tracking number) from B&H photo which originated from 30 minutes from my residence. I have had 10-15 parcels that have met with the same fate. Thanks for your ear.
I am writing this letter on 11/30/2017, after returning home from an unsuccessful attempt to pick up several packages at the UPS Cranbury Hub, 100 Middlesex Center Blvd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831;
The issue started when my package had arrived at this hub on 11/25/2017 and I noticed the status did not change for several days, said out for delivery on 11/27/17
along with several other items
11/29/17 A UPS driver had passed by my house approximately 8pm, and said he was from PA, and did not have my packages that were updated to be delivered by 7:15 pm that evening, he did give me a contact number for Dan, who I came to understand was the package supervisor for the UPS Cranbury hub, I called and spoke to Dan at 830 PM and explained to him that the one delivery contained a very time important delivery that was suppose to be customized and shipped to a Las Vegas auto show
Dan instructed me and assured me that if I placed the package on a hold at that facility, I could pick those up at 9am, so I agreed.
11/30/2017 I changed my work schedule and proceeded to the Cranbury hub, I arrived at 9am and spoke to Dave at the security entrance who had me call the Supervisor on Duty Torri (in house ext. 6260) I explained to Torri that I was the for a pickup and supplied him with the three tracking numbers above, and was told he would try to find my packages "I asked him why he would have to search for them If I put in a pick-up "hold" order the night before, he said that Dan had never put it through and there were no notes or instructions. After waiting an hour for some further information, this supervisor Torri, came walking past security where myself and three other customers who were also told to come in, were then told to go home and they would be called if he located their packages. Torri had said I could wait that he knew where the package
1Z4Y13A80399422006 was on the truck and he would get it pulled.
Torri had said to me that he usually has four people at his disposal and two people were not at work, I was trying to be understanding of his situation and waited patiently, as another hour had passed and saw no activity whatsoever in a two hour time spam, I called the in house number several times and got no answer, I asked the guard for a direct number and called it 732 570-6193, th
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