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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by anddav4444
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Amazon Appeal Expert
15 Dec 2017
I suddenly found myself in a situation where I was suspended from Amazon. I tried to get myself re-instated but it was quite obvious very quickly that I was out of my depth. So I contacted a company that made huge promises and statements about how good they were at resolving Amazon disputes. However it unfortunately became clear that they were quite frankly incompetent. I decided to have one more attempt. Even though after my attempts and the other companies attempts. A considerable amount of damage had been done. Immediately I found Kenneth responsive and constructive with his assistance. After explaining the state of the case. Kenneth attacked it with Vigour and even though it still took several weeks of battling. Kenneth got me re-instated. I cannot speak highly enough of Kenneth’s service and after a number of failed attempts he is the only guy to deal with Amazon disputes!! Good Job!!
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