Its getting worse and worse

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Its getting worse and worse
16 Dec 2017
Now you have to click through 2 screens to get to your account, INCLUDING A 20 SECONDS NAG SCREEN. Like on some dubious download sites. They are using spite to get user to sign up for the paid option.

But I'm using that service because IT WAS FREE and for that it was ok. But I would never pay for this. I was looking for a paid service, I would to a proper comparison or go to back old thrusty tool.

First they went from simple logon with ebay account password to more typical user account and now that they have your EMAIL adress they also spam you
with emails asking you to sign up to the paid service.

Had a few failed snipes but otherwise it kind off works, if you are really desperate.
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Re: Its getting worse and worse
19 Dec 2017
To clarify a few things here:

1) Yes, there is a nag screen now. And there is nothing sinister about it. We do ask users to subscribe. As does wikipedia for donations, as do many other useful websites. After a wait users can proceed to their account and schedule snipes. The service is still free even if you don't subscribe.

2) Typical user account was necessary for both technical and compliance reasons. We couldn't continue using eBay username and password for login as eBay would not allow us to continue collecting eBay credentials. But this also allowed us to use a much more reliable method for placing bids. Most sniping services have made this change.

3) As for SPAM, Gixen sent around 5 advertising emails TOTAL in the past 10 years. The last one was sent 6 weeks ago. And it had an opt-out link. When users opt out, we respect that and no longer send ANY email. And we safeguard users' privacy, always.

Your only complaint, really, is that you want the site stay reliable and fully functional, without an attempt to sell (a very useful add-on at a bargain price of $6 annualy), without even an occasional email (that you can opt out of), and you want it to stay completely free.

The expectations you have are completely unrealistic.
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Re: Its getting worse and worse
1 Feb 2018
@GoodCustomer Pissy whining. I think Gixen deserves your 6$/year for what they provide. If you don't, then move on. Seems ungrateful; you registering on this review site to complain that you don't get something for nothing. Nothing is for free except sometimes love. Maybe you could have some of that?
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