Agiliron is FULL of "features" that DON'T WORK.

A review of Agiliron by 60060xgold
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Agiliron is FULL of "features" that DON'T WORK.
19 Dec 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
VERY LITTLE. They promise you the world with a HUGE list of features. They predicted we'd be up and running in three months, 4-5 at most. It took 17 MONTHS to integrate Agiliron with Magento. Now our top-flight web development contractor has spent an additional seven months fixing issues. Functions stop working all the time. This. Software. SUCKS.

Could anything have been better?
Everything could have been better. All of it. Speed of install, number of issues, and maybe Agiliron could admit that some parts aren't fully developed...but no, they just "send it up to engineering."

How was the support?
Terrible. Some nights they answer emails quickly; at other times, their team is busy (by their own admission) working on new features, and they take six days to even acknowledge and email. It would be FAR better if they would FIX the functions that already exist, rather than make up new ones.
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