Works GREAT sometimes. WORST support of any company, ever!

A review of Atandra T-HUB by TurboCelica
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Works GREAT sometimes. WORST support of any company, ever!
19 Dec 2017
This product has so much potential. On the surface, it appears to be the end-all for multi-channel eCommerce. The marketing says it performs the equivalent of slicing bread and leaping tall buildings. However, reality is quitedifferent.

I've used T-HUB for nearly 3 years. However, when it breaks, getting support is as enjoyable as pulling nose hairs. No, it's actually significantly more painful. more like performing surgery on yourself with no anesthesia.

They have the most basic support web site, and opening a ticket requires logging many bits of identical data with each support ticket. My name, license#, phone number, shopping carts used... yes, on every support ticket. Seems like a technology company should already KNOW this about their customer. And, why they ask for my phone number with each support ticket is a real mystery... NO ONE has EVER called me in response to a support ticket. In fact, the only call I've received from Atandra was during the evaluation period when they were simply trying to get me to make the purchase. But I digress. Like so many companies, unfortunately, their support typically starts with the "Are you on the latest version?" I have T-Hub on 4 computers so it's not a trivial task to update them. And about 20% of the time, updates to T-HUB introduce new, undocumented issues that require new support tickets and remote sessions to correct. Thankfully, support eventually rectifies the issue, but they rarely convey the root cause to us so we know what caused the issue. As someone who worked in IT (at all levels), this is very frustrating.

And, sometimes, they add functionality to the program as new options appear in the program after an update. Since their documentation is skimpy to non-existent, I fumble through how I *think* the feature is supposed to work.. And it becomes a guessing game, because there's no docs and no tangible help in the form of someone with whom to speak.

Could anything have been better? Yes... The entire support infrastructure needs a serious overhaul. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate it a 7 for effectiveness, as they do actually fix issues that arise. But I give it a -42, yes, negative 42, for the process and its unpleasantness.

How was the support? The worst support, ever, by any company, present or past, real or imagined, and possibly worse than any future any universe. Until you experience their support, you cannot even begin to comprehend what I mean. The worst means worst. Period. Pulling my toenails out would be more enjoyable.

Now for the positive.
Overall, I continue using THUB because it remains a cost-effective solution, even with it's flaws. When THUB works, the feature/functionality we utilize performs very, very well. And, regardless of cost, no other product I've seen even comes close. From synchronizing QoH, to creating shipping labels and updating tracking. But, it has flaws, idiosyncratic behavior, and a support system that is off-the-chain frustrating.

While it started off as a $1400 one-time purchase and a $350 annual, about a year ago, the annual subscription morphed into a monthly subscription, at nearly $100/month. I continue searching for a product that performs the features it does but I have yet to find a suitable replacement. Hopefully, with the added month from the monthly subscription, they are able to hire better developers and implement a better support ecosystem. If they do, great! if they don't, at some point, I'll find my alternative application, then I'll be gone.

For the records, I give it ONE star because of the lackluster documentation, and absolute pain and anguish inflicted by their support. Otherwise, if these two areas were simply adequate, I'd give it 3.5 to 4 stars. Again, the functionality we use is really THAT good.

As always, your mileage may vary. Good luck
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