FreightOS makes my life easier

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Freds Review
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FreightOS makes my life easier
20 Dec 2017
Freightos makes it easy to quickly get a quote and secure freight for a good price quickly and easily. It shows many options, some faster, some less expensive, you can choose what fits your needs at the time. Information on your shipments is updated as the shipper enters information. It has automated reminders if you need to finish providing info for a shipment, which can be handy for those of us with many different things going on.

I have seen that they have a direct to Amazon warehouse shipment option. I don't sell on Amazon, but I could see where this could be very convenient. My inbound freight is for manufacturing parts.

When I have contacted support with questions or for assistance, they have been able to help me quickly with no fuss, so I can get on with getting things done. This is much appreciated!

I was asked to provide this review by FreightOS, which I was happy to do based on my good experiences with them. A $5 Starbucks card was offered. I don't like Starbucks (blasphemy I know), but wanted to leave a review to recommend FreigtOS.
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Re: FreightOS makes my life easier
20 Dec 2017
It's against our policy for vendors to provide an incentive for reviews.

We've made sure Freightos are aware of this now.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: FreightOS makes my life easier
20 Dec 2017
@Andy Thanks for that, Andy. We'll take that into account in the future. Just to be clear, these were users that were already posting positive feedback internally - we were just asking them to take the time to publish it on a public forum.

Apologies and thank you for bringing this to our attention!
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