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Drop Ship Supplier opt out
22 Dec 2017
I'm an eBay and Amazon seller. I'm an artist selling my own art. I recently began having my Amazon listings copied to Ebay by an online arbitrage program. Due to the fact that they were copied exactly and it appears to be me, I am now getting questions about hi pricing and multiple seller id's. Ebay shoppers think I am a ****mer. 1 told me to get off Ebay. I've been there since 2005. These copied listings are from 25 to 90% price increased and they say sold and ships from me. I can't get Ebay or Amazon to do anything. I am in the vero program with no results. I have tried to contact the ebay sellers with no response. They are not helping me nor do I want their help with sales. They are hurting my brand and reputation. Only 1 sale so far. Why am I not given a choice to not be a drop ship supplier in this online arbitrage world? I would like to opt out. I know how to watch, screen and report them to Amazon for buying to drop ship to Ebay customers. Does nothing. Any advice other than be grateful they are trying to sell my product would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Re: Drop Ship Supplier opt out
28 Dec 2017
@Emuzon seller

I feel your pain !

As these other sellers may not be doing anything legally wrong (at least in the eyes of eBay or Amazon), there are a few things that you could do to try and limit the damage.

  • Edit your Amazon listings to include the line 'Buy direct from the original artist'. A lot of the software that these sellers use copies the listing completely and therefore this will be copied as well. If you have the same user name on eBay and Amazon then add this to the end of the line.

  • Most of these sellers ask that no invoice is included, usually because it is a 'gift'. Make sure that you include an invoice for every sale that includes a line saying something like 'As the original artist of this piece I really appreciate your support. For any future commissions please find me on Amazon (add store url) or eBay (add store url). You could also add 'We do not willingly / knowingly sell through third party sellers. If you purchased this item through a third party, then this invoice shows what I was paid for this item which may not reflect the total amount paid by you.' (This may get you a sympathy vote from the buyer and a neg for the seller).

  • Final option is to completely copy the other sellers eBay listings word for word but undercut them by a decent amount on price.

  • What you should be also asking yourself is why are they getting more orders than you ? Obviously your product is worth more than you are charging. Do an image search and investigate what marketing (if any) they are doing and do it yourself. Increase your prices if needed to cover your costs as based on these other sellers prices you should have it covered.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Drop Ship Supplier opt out
    3 Jan 2018
    @Emuzon seller

    Something sounds off here. If you are in the VERO program you should have the proper contacts to get immediate results. If you are just using the “report a listing” feature that is not effective.

    If you are selling on eBay, and your prices are lower, why are they contacting you about a higher price ?

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