BULQ Boxes Gave My Business a Big Boost

A review of BULQ by Anne Violette
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Anne Violette
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BULQ Boxes Gave My Business a Big Boost
29 Dec 2017
I have bought from other sites before and received a lot of broken stuff and the profits were hit or miss. When I stumbled upon BULQ, I liked the upfront pricing and the organized manifests. I gave it a try and made money on the first box, despite losing half of it that did not get posted yet when Hurricane Harvey hit us and flooded a lot of my inventory.

At any rate, I needed a boost for the holiday selling season, so I bought three boxes. Two cases and one pallet. Before the pallet even arrived, I had already made my money back with the two cases! Every day I sell more items from these holiday boxes I received from Bulq. They're all very good quality and desirable items from big retailers, so you can't go wrong. I found a few great, hidden surprises in my boxes that were not even on the manifest. I also used some items as gifts for my family. You cannot lose by buying on Bulq, it is just a really great place to source items, especially in off months during the winter. It would have taken me weeks to get the same number of items brand new by hitting yard sales, etc. and so it's easy to list the items and Bulq gives you the UPC codes to make tracking and inventory simpler.

So far, the customer support has been outstanding, and the Bulq team really notices the little details. They mailed me a nice gift the other day just for offering a referral. I really love BULQ! So happy I found you and hope you will continue providing great merchandise for entrepreneurs like me.
~Lone Star Lots on eBay
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