Best tool by far!

A review of Feedbackwhiz by Megz
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Best tool by far!
3 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

I highly enjoyed Feedback whiz! All its extra features and being able to get an overview of how my account's progress is all in one page was what won me over. I was able to see which product made the most sales, how many emails were being sent out and the reviews for each product. I especially loved that I was able to see which customers were returning customers and the extra symbols next to each customer indicating the status of their order. I think the pricing is on point and you actually get more for your buck. Feedback Whiz is one of the most awesome app I've seen for Amazon sellers! Customer service was excellent too!

Could anything have been better?
I have no complaints!

How was the support?
They were always very helpful and answered any of my questions in a very quick timely manner.
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