Don't even waste your time with anything else but this!

A review of Feedbackwhiz by imchris
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Don't even waste your time with anything else but this!
4 Jan 2018
I've tried other email software out there like Feedback Genius, AMZ Mailer, Zon Pages, and nothing really compares to Feedback whiz. They provide full customization of the email - everything from what time the email gets sent, after how many days after its been shipped or delivered, what ASIN it's applicable to, including email attachments like photos and PDFs. The possibilities are truly endless.

I'm able to create custom emails for each of my PL products so it's completely tailored to my customer. This increase my email open conversion rates and MOST importantly, my review rate.

The best part of the software is the easy to use interface. It really makes the entire process so smooth. Plus, you have all the data from your campaigns at your fingertips. This makes it really easy to do some A/B split testing and constantly optimizing your emails.

Like I said, don't even bother trying any other software, it won't give you the full customization, data, and easy of use that Feedback Whiz is able to provide.

Keep up the great work Feedback Whiz!
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