My overall experience

A review of CrazyLister by bmxmomof3
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My overall experience
5 Jan 2018
I have been with CrazyLister for a few years now, eBay since 1999.

I took a long sabbatical from eBay because of their ever'changing policies that made listing items a very lengthy process for me. When I Considered returning to eBay, I knew I could not make the worthwhile effort without any form of help. I searched for weeks for a tool that would effectively and efficiently create detailed listings for my prospective buyers. I found many sites that offered a solution but many were too pricey, while others lacked quality features. Then, I found CrazyLister in a Google ad and gave it a shot. After only a few days of using this awesome tool (CrazyLister), I have the confidence to make my return to eBay and purchased a CL membership. I can honestly say if I did not find CrazyLister, I would not have returned to eBay. CrazyLister has made listing easy and profitable for me.

I would like to mention one last observation, CrazyLister has made many changes to their site since the beginning, sometimes it could be a little hectic for people who may have problems with change, I am that type of person. Let me honestly tell all veteran members, new members and people considering the CrazyLister experience. Everything they do with the site, any changes they make are truly for the better of all of their users. The CrazyLister team and personal support always keep our needs in mind. I know from personal experience the CL team always reads, listens to our concerns and works hard on solutions. Any company with fresh ideas, that dedicates time to improve solutions for eBays constantly changing platform, is a company and a family I will continue with and grow with. CrazyLister Never lets me down. CL is the best company. They actually listen to their members. I wish more companies had even half the integrity CL has. Thank You, CL
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Re: My overall experience
15 Feb 2018
@bmxmomof3 I too have taken a sabbatical from eBay after starting in 1999. The rules changing was just getting to be too much. I used inkFrog to list since 1999. You would think they would be the premiere 3rd party lister. Turns out, as the rules change, they are slow to change and their software and website is clunky and outdated. When they could not figure out how to let us bulk edit the active content out of our listings (they said it worked... it didn't), I hung up the towel.

I was thinking of giving CL a try. If it is a good as the review say, it will be money well spent.
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