Has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor?

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Has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor?
7 Jan 2018
Hi, y'all! I hope the holiday season was good to you!

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor?

If so...any thoughts, experiences, or feedback would very much be appreciated!

Thank you in advance,
TA Biagi
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Re: Has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor?
8 Jan 2018
Yes, but their tool is difficult to use.

Unless you have a large budget, and they are going to manage everything, I would not recommend.

If you search terms like "e-commerce marketing management" you will find several other companies.

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Re: Has anyone ever heard of ChannelAdvisor?
10 Jan 2018

Reviews of ChannelAdvisor can be found here

To be honest, I have had several clients who have contacted them and found their prices to be too high, and the software lacking in integrations, but no two companies have the same needs, so they may be good for you.

Depending on your needs, have a look at this list

In my opinion you need to decide what you want now and also in the next year or two, and go for the company that can already give you that at an affordable price.
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