Need some info, if you could please!

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Need some info, if you could please!
8 Jan 2018
Looking for the BEST eCommerce marketing channel. My brain is about to explode with options, so I'm leaving it to you folks to lead me in the right direction... ChannelAdvisor, Ecomdash, SellerActive, etc. Which is the best/worst. I pretty much need you to spoon-feed me answers at this point, lol.

Thank you so much for your help!!!
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Re: Need some info, if you could please!
8 Jan 2018
Hi, thanks for the post.

This question comes up a lot. Try checking out:

Probably the first question to ask yourself is which channels (marketplaces, websites etc) you need it to support. Also how you ship your orders (own fulfillment, FBA, 3PL, dropshipping) and other features specific to what you sell (bundling, variations etc).
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Re: Need some info, if you could please!
10 Jan 2018

If only life was that easy !

Start by making a list of the channels that you sell on, as well as the postal services that you use. Then make a list of the channels that you may like to sell on. After that have a good search through the forums and see what matches up.

If you are not already using multi channel software, look at ones that offer a free trial. It may take a day or two to set up, but these companies are normally prepared to put their money where their mouth is so to speak.

Different software has different advantages depending on what you are selling and where.
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