Listomax - eBay Listing Made Easy

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Listomax - eBay Listing Made Easy
27 Jul 2008
We are Maude and Phil, a husband-and-wife team who have been developing an eBay listing software, Listomax, for the last two years. We originally wrote it to help us with our several eBay seller accounts, but it became so useful, we decided to market it.

Listomax has been available now for about 8 months, with excellent reception. We have been adding to it based on customer feedback, and we have incorporated the needs of a more general seller's population

It's a desktop application with a one-time licensing fee (includes a year of free photo hosting), and we feel it is very user-friendly to newbies, as well as filling the needs of powersellers (Maude's been one for years.)

Listomax has no monthly subscription fees! It offers fast listings on eBay from your own computer, unlimited images, free supersizing, free templates, free scheduling, revise live, edit your photos, crop and rotate, simple to use, keeps records forever, supports multiple users, supports custom item specifics and international site visiblity and has no hidden charges.
Act now and download your free 30 day trial at You won't want to use anything else after you've tried it!
Listomax - eBay listing made easy

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