Never use this shipping company !!

A review of wnDirect by romanw2000
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Never use this shipping company !!
13 Jan 2018
WN direct is the worst shipping company I have ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs. It is not possible to contact US representative or locations, only the UK office. My shipment from the UK to the USA was likely stolen at the transfer office in Carol Stream, IL, no follow up , no tracking, nothing. No way to contact the local office. wnDirect does not acknowledge any phone contact. eBay can refunded my purchase, but the item is more valued than my purchase price. Again, avoid WNdirect at all costs.

Emails from the UK headquarters suggested I call them (overseas call!) and simply stated the package was lost, after one week in the Carol Stream, IL. facility. Tracking shows the package arrived, never was sent out or no tracking for forwarding to a US carrier, so package was "lost" (more likely stolen by an employee of WNdirect) at the Carol Stream, IL transfer location. I ship frequently from the UK to the US and have never had packages lost or stolen.
This happened exactly the same way with me. The only different is that the shipment "disappeared" in Carol Stream, IL
No possible contact, no phone numbers, nothing ! It is ridiculous !!!!
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